General Litigation

Litigation is all forms of court representation including District, Circuit, High Court, Commercial Court, Supreme Court and European Court.

Our Services

We will provide you with efficient, professional and prompt advice to assist you to resolve your problem to the best advantage to you.

Why Choose Us?

We are highly experienced litigators, who have a proven track record gained successfully representing clients in a variety of case types, including:

  • Commercial Law (Breach of Contract, Debt Collection, Company Law, Employment Law etc)
  • Accidents (We do not charge a percentage of your award)
  • Employment Law
  • Debt collection

Our experience enables us to provide you with and ability to solve problems quicker, negotiate better results and ensure that you receive a high value and effective service.

  • District (Lowest Jurisdictional court with a monetary limit of €6350, generally less expensive representation)
  • Circuit (Intermediate level disputes with a monetary limit of €30,000, generally requires a more detailed brief and higher level of preparation and hence is generally more expensive representation than the District Court)
  • High Court (The highest Court in the land in which to determine a dispute, used primarily for claims over €38,000 and those prescribed by legislation (i.e. certain land disputes). The Court requires the highest level of brief, research and preparation.)
  • Commercial Court (This is a newly established division of the High Court is deals with dispute of over €1,000,000. It aims to provide expedient resolution to litigation and typically required intense and exclusive representation and preparation)
  • Supreme Court (This is a Court of Appeal only and is generally followed on from a High Court action)
  • European Court (These are primarily involved in brief the concern breaches of the European Treaties and European Convention of Human Rights)