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We understand that you have a business to run!

We work to ensure that your commercial law requirements cause the minimum disruption to you and your business while effecting the best possible resolution and protection for your company.

Our Services

We have extensive experience gained providing the following services:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Debt Collection
  • Employment Law
  • Contract Creation and Review
  • Commercial Conveyance
  • Franchising
  • Company Formation

Litigation is all forms of court representation including District, Circuit, High Court, Commercial Court, Supreme Court and European Court.

Our Services

We will provide you with efficient, professional and prompt advice to assist you to resolve your problem to the best advantage to you.

Our fast debt collection methodology provides our clients with confidence in their cash flow.


We provide all aspects of debt collection from writing a simple letter of demand to full High Court action and enforcing judgment thereafter.

Why Choose Us

We have developed a debt collection methodology which provides proven results for our clients.

A limited liability company does not give you the protection it once did.

We will work you to ensure you are compliant with the requirements of the Companies Acts thus affording you with the protection you need to trade with confidence.

We offer a sympathetic ear and a service designed minimise pain, and more importantly, commercial injury.

Why Choose Us

We have worked extensively with and on the largest Receivership in Irish history; this has given us a unique perspective on the pitfalls and intricacies involved in this area of law. Our experience will be brought to bear while working with you.

We will provide you with professional and proactive advice on all aspects of this area of law.

Over 40 separate pieces of legislation govern employment law and no employer can be expected to know the entire act and its ramifications. These increase on an annual basis as the European Parliament pass more and more legislation.

We have worked with many start up businesses. Our tried and tested advice will pay you dividends as your new company grows.

Why Choose Us

We have been involved in a great many company formations on behalf of clients. Our experience and ability will ensure that you company has a solid legal foundation from which it can grow.

There is no substitute for good advice when entering into a long term and binding agreement.

Disagreements between partners are the major cause of business termination in Ireland.

The majority have not considered shareholder agreements and thus, when dissent strikes, the only recourse to a resolution is through the Courts. A costly mistake!

Becoming Self Employed is one of the most important decisions of your life.

Buying into a successful franchise will greatly increase your business’ chances of success, as the mistakes inherent in setting up the business will have been made and remedied by the franchiser.

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Greg Ryan - OwnerOwner

Greg Ryan

Advising clients on civil litigation, and general commercial and private legal solutions.

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Our Services

At Greg Ryan Solicitors, we don’t get bogged down in meetings, reports and plans; we get on with the job in hand. We aim for efficiency and cost effectiveness in our approach, because we know you do too.

We genuinely respect and care about our clients, their prospects and the case. We believe in forming relationships that go beyond the solicitor/client. Our clients are people first. We build our business on doing a great job, and having those satisfied clients recommend us to their family and friends.

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